Ryanair Dashboard

Dashboard to monitor and receive alerts for changes in Ryanair fare prices.


This is a fork

All credit goes to ezekg for creating this, and gilby125 for adapting to Ryanair. My contributio resumes to adding the possibility to add one way trips and fixing the code to comply with recente API changes.


I’m a lazy programmer who was tired of checking flight prices … and I really wanted to try out Twilio and blessed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Since I would rather not get in trouble for publishing this tool to npm, you can clone the repo locally and use npm link to use the executable.

cd wherever-you-cloned-it-to
npm link

If you recieve a SyntaxError: Unexpected token ... upon running the ryanair command, make sure you are running a version of node that supports ES6 syntax (5.11.0 and up).

Under some circumstances, libxmljs may throw an error that looks like this:

Error: Could not locate the bindings file. Tried:
 → /root/ryanair-dashboard/node_modules/libxmljs/build/xmljs.node

You can fix it and run ryanair successfully by rebuilding libxmljs manually:

sudo npm install -g node-gyp
cd node_modules/libxmljs
node-gyp rebuild


It will make an api request for Ryanair’s prices every n minutes (n = whatever interval you define via the --interval flag) and compare the results, letting you know the difference in price since the last interval. The default interval is 30 mins.

You may optionally set the --individual-deal-price flag, which will alert you if either fare price falls below the threshold you define. There is also the optional --total-deal-price flag, which will alert you if the combined total of both fares falls below the threshold. Other than --interval and the Twilio-related options, all other flags are required.

ryanair --from DUB --to BVA --leave-date 2019-02-02 --return-date 2019-02-09 --passengers 2  --interval 1


node index.js --from DUB --to BVA --leave-date 2019-02-02 --return-date 2019-02-09 --passengers 2  --interval 1